Jorge M. Huacuz

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Technical Report

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The present work deals with the situation of renewable energy in the Latin-American Region (LAR). Its main purpose is to give an overview of the conditions prevailing in the region, regarding those activities leading to the systematic process of adoption and use of renewable energy technology, as part of the energy supply mix in each individual country. This essay was elaborated on the basis of a limited literature survey, information provided to the author by colleagues from several countries in the region of study, plus the knowledge gained by the author from his work on some of these countries, concerning the development of renewable energy resources, mainly for rural electrification. One premise valid in general for the whole region of study is that information on the subject is by all means scarce, which basically reflects the early stages countries in the region are at in the process of adoption and use of this energy alternative. Hence, the reader is advised to take the statements and conclusions included in this report as indicative only. Further research on the subject is necessary to gain a better understanding of the actual situation with respect to renewable energy integration in the region. Although common circumstances and tendencies can be observed in some countries under study, few general conclusions, valid for the whole region, can be drawn. Reasons for this include the differences among individual nations in terms of country size and degree of economic development, as well as in the conventional energy resource base each country has. In this study an attempt is made to focus on the following elements considered crucial in the process of adoption and use of renewable energy technology: policy, institutional framework, technology stocks, financing schemes, the renewable energy resource base, and suitable local industrial infrastructure. It is the understanding of the author that when these elements are properly established and harmonically put in place, the process of technology adoption can be accelerated towards the successful and sustainable internalization of renewable energy in the economy of each individual country.


This is a public domain white paper presented at the International Electrical Research Exchange,Central American Forum in San José, Costa Rica, November 2003.