Book Club Kit Program: An Evaluation

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Background: Book clubs consist of groups of people reading and discussing the same books. Some book clubs are organized by public librarians. A far smaller number of health sciences librarians are involved with coordinating book clubs.

Objectives: This case report employed a survey and phone interviews to determine why a book club kits program organized by health sciences librarians did not generate more enthusiasm.

Lessons Learned: The investigators found that direct phone interviews rather than a survey elicited the needed information. Many public libraries, particularly those in rural areas, are directed by people not even possessing a Master’s degree in library or information science. Strategies for promoting use of the book club kits to these public librarians required different approaches.

Conclusions: Through a deeper understanding of rural public librarians' circumstances and needs, the investigators gained new insights on how health sciences librarians might possibly reach public librarians more effectively.

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book clubs, academic health sciences libraries, public libraries, outreach, community engagement, interviews