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The presenters will discuss the development and deployment of an interprofessional transition of care case from the emergency department to an assisted living facility, involving pharmacy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy students in an on-line video 170-minute classroom session. Highlights will encompass the evolution of the case development and educational delivery from face-to-face to an on-line format. The discussion will also cover a description of the scheduled activities, including team break-out rooms where students explored unique and common roles and responsibilities of team members. The case involved an older moderately complex patient who fell, sought emergency care, and is now presenting to the interprofessional team in an assisted living facility. Teams were tasked with navigating the case collaboratively during which role playing was required to conduct the examination and collect simulated patient information. Team simulated assessments included medication reconciliation, cognitive and depression screening, environmental safety, functional mobility and fall risk screening. Ultimately students developed a comprehensive interprofessional team care plan including problem identification and prioritization, assessment, plan of care, therapeutic intervention goals, and monitoring parameters. The discussion will outline student perspectives, successes and challenges, and future opportunities to expand the activity to include other professions, care settings, patient populations and clinical issues. It was observed that the use of multimedia and simulation tools increased student engagement. Additionally, online delivery was shown to be an effective venue for a healthcare interprofessional educational activity.


This presentation was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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