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Purpose: To provide practice in common mock paging scenarios in internal medicine (IM) with formative feedback. Abstract: Transitioning to residency is a stressful time with increased expectations. One expected skill is answering and triaging pages, by utilizing clinical knowledge, behaviors and attitudes to provide the best care possible. To increase experience, comfort level and critical thinking skills, we created 14 unique IM cases for mock paging through the Southern Illinois University mock paging program. The 14 IM cases encompass common scenarios found on the wards. A panel of invited experts reviewed each case for appropriate responses, including assessments, investigations, management, and communication which aided in creating a rubric of what students should and should not do in each case. During the boot camp course, nurse educators called the students and introduced a case, where the student was expected to ask questions and communicate a plan. Immediate feedback offered by the educators after case completion was followed with weekly compiled feedback to the group. At the end of the boot camp course, a retrospective pre-post survey was given. Results: Our retrospective pre-post survey for our inaugural cohort (2019) showed that prior to our boot camp course students felt low comfort level in answering pages and after the mock paging program, they felt increased comfort level in answering pages. We surveyed them again 4 months into their residency; all surveyed reported increased comfort level during the beginning of residency after participation in our mock paging program. Conclusion: We demonstrated increased comfort level with mock paging and acknowledge retrospective pre-post surveys can be influenced by recall bias. We had a limited sample size given our small inaugural class. Overall, our study supports that students perceive benefit from a mock paging program. Our work would be strengthened by tying this perception to on the job skills.


Poster presentation program - Including round tables by topics: Simulating education and practice settings.

This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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