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Clinicians in medically underserved communities encounter both community-wide health issues and community strengths. Together these raise the opportunities and responsibilities for clinicians to take action outside the clinical exam room to improve health in the community. Rural and Urban Underserved Program (RUUP) Scholars develop skills through engagement with communities in: 1) Health related advocacy, 2) Volunteer clinical care, 3) Health education pipeline support, 4) Non-clinical public health based community work, and/or 5) Community health education. Emphasis is on meaningful yet practical ways of partnering with others to work toward improved health goals. Students are encouraged to choose projects which take advantage of their growing medical knowledge and skills and prepare them for community engagement work in their medical careers . This poster will review the goals for and approaches to RUUP Scholar involvement in community engagement as a central part of the program. Examples of community projects, early outcomes, and challenges encountered in specific work will be presented.


Poster presentation program - Including round tables by topics: Community and Cultural Competency.

This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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