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PROBLEM STATEMENT: To evaluate whether a regularly scheduled weekly engagement/mentorship by a Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) senior faculty member and fellow led to improved ultrasound reporting and collection of pertinent scientific literature for learning by other fellows and faculty. METHODS: The MFM fellow met weekly with the same MFM faculty member. Improvement by the fellow was measured for each report: time to completion, accuracy and adequacy of the impression, clarity of the recommendation, and feedback from the faculty and referring practitioner. Peer-reviewed manuscripts relating to obstetric ultrasound were collected based on topics determined weekly. RESULTS: The fellow adhered to the one hour per week commitment during this six-month trial. The time required to develop a written report decreased with experience. The fellow was able to learn by direct training and outside self-directed learning with minimal investment of time and preparation. A poll of referring providers disclosed their satisfaction with the clarity of the impressions and completeness of recommendations. Relevant scientific literature aided in continuing education and provided tools for future education. DISCUSSION: This “hands-on,” case-based experience engaged the first-year fellow in front-line ultrasound interpretation and recommendations with immediate feedback from the faculty member. Steady improvement in efficiently communicating impressions was increasingly well accepted by requesting obstetric providers. An additional benefit was the development of a library of peer-reviewed ultrasound literature for fellow and faculty education.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2019.



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