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Clinical clerkship directors and coordinators together with the Rural and Urban Underserved Program (RUUP) have created targeted opportunities for RUUP Scholars during 3rd year clerkships. These opportunities aim to build Scholars’ clinical experience, knowledge and skills working with medically underserved groups. RUUP Scholars now have the option of spending part of their clerkships at hospitals and clinics in Shiprock, Gallup, Espanola, and Alamogordo for a portion of their OB/Gyn, Surgery, and Pediatric rotations. In addition, Scholars have options for unique outpatient experiences as part of their Pediatrics and Psychiatry clerkships, and for selected placements for Family Medicine clerkship. We will be sharing reports of experiences from the first two classes of RUUP Scholars to have these options, as well as descriptions of operational processes and hurdles. These innovative clinical experiences can be a key step to help program participants to be leaders in the care of underserved communities.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2019.



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