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Discrimination against clinicians is increasingly common. Few educational opportunities exist on how to respond to discrimination from patients and visitors. The authors developed and presented an interactive training on this problem, potential strategies for how to respond, and creating solutions. During an educational meeting, faculty presented a video about Times Up Healthcare then participants read a JAMA article about discrimination and the need for allies to speak up. Participants then engaged in think-pair-share on the article and experiences with speaking up. Next, faculty presented a peer-reviewed journal article on a qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews that provides a framework for responding to discrimination from patients. Using guidance from existing literature, potential approaches for addressing the problem were presented. These included strategies for faculty, trainee, and frontline clinician development and institutional involvement. Next, participants read another JAMA article on calling-out inappropriate behavior that includes recommending being prepared for how to respond to discrimination and then performed think–pair–share on the article with discussion prompts. The session concluded with solicitation of best next steps, and the group developed a task force that would champion training for faculty and learners, measure how often the problem occurs in the institution, and develop policy and education on escalation/the chain of command. Lessons learned and next steps: (a) There is a need for training on responding to discrimination from patients and visitors. Faculty and trainees can lead education and empower others through sharing informational materials. (b) Future directions include studying the effects of these efforts on implementing a process, policy, and training for responding to discrimination. (c) Education Day participants can use and adapt these materials to conduct trainings in their environment.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2019.



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