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Applying Kotters 8-Step Process to Sustain A Mandatory IPE Curriculum'

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Today it is more important than ever that academic institutions dedicate themselves to changing the existing educational infrastructure to embed a mandatory IPE program. The dedication put forth to sustain a mandatory IPE program requires involvement from a number of moving parts, many parts which never before worked together at the level necessary to start and sustain IPE. The shift from curricula that are specific to and controlled by individual disciplines to a shared interprofessional curriculum requires changes that are complicated by barriers and pitfalls encountered in the existing day-to-day operations and organizational culture. Embedding mandatory IPE programs requires frameworks that include strategies for transformational change that will impact the cultural roots of health sciences academic institutions. Such strategies will also need to take into account diverse stakeholder perspectives, complex power structures and economic constraints. This complex need may require exploring frameworks outside of the academic institution just as the need for IPE originated outside of the academic institution.


This poster was presented at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day 2015 on October 16th, 2015.

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