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Effective communication among physicians and registered nurses is vital to ensure high quality healthcare delivery, yet there is limited literature available to guide curriculum development on this topic. The University of New Mexico School of Medicine (SOM) and College of Nursing (CON) sought to address this gap by creating an innovative event to jointly discuss MD-RN communication.


3rd level RN students and 4th year MD students held a 2-hour session that included free writing, discussion of two cases of poor MD-RN communication during hospital discharge leading to adverse outcomes, a didactic on the SBAR communication tool, small group practice of the tool, and a plenary session for each group to present their lessons learned in small groups.


The interactive session highlighted the importance of RN-MD communication in the discharge process, fostered a better understanding of the roles of MDs and RNs, and highlighted the usefulness of the SBAR tool for communication. Post-activity reflections showed increased awareness of the importance and barriers to effective RN-MD communication, and a commitment to improve communication in all clinical settings.


The outcomes are encouraging and will lead to further iterations of the activity to promote improvement of MD-RN communication.


Presented at the HSC Education Day 2024



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