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Background: In an effort to meet the needs of patients with limited English proficiency and help reduce related healthcare disparities, the Physical Therapy Program at the University of New Mexico (UNM) has required its students to enroll in a clinical Spanish Course. This course was designed to align the curriculum with how students use Spanish in the clinic, emphasizing speaking and listening skills. To meet this endeavor, a flipped classroom design was used with language labs that focused on speaking and comprehension skills. Given the course design, it was recognized that a traditional written examination would not effectively assess student learning. An Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) was used to assess student learning in the areas of speaking and comprehending Spanish during simulated interactions. Methods: Twenty-four physical therapy students agreed to participate in the study. All students took a pre-survey and participated in a pre-test OSCE, which assessed Spanish speaking and comprehension abilities in a simulated clinical setting. All students attended an 8-week Clinical Spanish Course at UNM. The course was followed by a post-survey and post-test OSCE. Paired t-tests compared pre- and post- surveys and the pre- and post-test OSCEs. Results: Students demonstrated a significant improvement in confidence with speaking Spanish in both social and clinical settings. Students also demonstrated a significant improvement in understanding and speaking with simulated patients during the OSCE. Verbal comprehension of simulated clinical interactions significantly improved as well. Conclusion: An OSCE testing format was successfully used to assess student learning in the areas of speaking and comprehending Spanish in a simulated clinical setting. The results from the OSCE, demonstrate that a flipped classroom design, that focuses on speaking and verbally comprehending Spanish, can be used effectively to enhance learning in a clinical Spanish course.


This presentation was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.

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