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While increasingly recognized as a best practice in recruitment, a holistic review of applications for GME programs can be a daunting task. Here we describe the steps in creating a mission-aligned recruitment process for our GME program. Define and examine program's mission The mission of the UNM Internal Medicine Residency Program is to train exceptional internal medicine residents to serve the urban, rural, primary care, and subspecialty healthcare needs of New Mexico. In our examination of this statement, we identified three key themes, namely “exceptional residents”, “to serve”, and “needs of New Mexico”. Identify applicant values that would align with the program's mission We next identified key values that may signal mission congruence in prospective applicants. For example, we defined values of commitment to New Mexico, and language skills with high need in New Mexico for the mission theme of “needs of New Mexico” When possible, introduce automation, e.g. create ERAS filters to search for values A manual review of each application received to identify these values would not be feasible due to the volume of applications and limited resources. Thus, we chose to automate part of the review by creating ERAS filters to search for the defined values. We were conscious to use a process of selecting -in for values rather than filtering-out for a lack thereof to invite applicants with a diverse skill set. Mitigate bias Despite the use of standardized questions, scoring by interviewers may still introduce bias in the assessment. To minimize this, we added descriptive anchors to the interview scoring rubric. The rubric was piloted among a volunteer group of interviewers. The ease of utilization and change in the scatter of ratings of provided responses with the use of descriptive anchors was observed. The results of this pilot were used to further refine the language of the anchors before being utilized during interviews of applicants.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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