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In the setting of patients with increased complexity and record attrition, more is required of newly-graduated nurses than ever before. Novice nurses struggle to make clinical judgments at the same level as their more experienced counterparts. Nursing scholars have investigated what can be done to better prepare student nurses for the challenges of modern nursing practice. How does one develop or enhance students’ clinical judgment? Was the nursing licensing exam (NCLEX) reliably measuring novice nurses’ ability to use clinical judgment? The National Council of State Boards of Nursing designed the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (CJMM) to better measure decision-making. The CJMM encompasses four levels that demonstrate students’ ability to assimilate basic knowledge and modify hypotheses and interventions to fit a specific patient’s presentation. Educators in the classroom must adapt their teaching methods to prepare students to become self-regulated thinkers and better utilize clinical judgment in their practice. The CJMM will feature heavily in the Next-Generation (NGN) NCLEX beginning in April, 2023. Two courses, Health & Illness Concepts III and Concept Synthesis, have been at the forefront of helping students develop clinical judgment and prepare for NGN NCLEX. Using a flipped classroom approach, we pre-record lectures and devote class time to applying knowledge to real-world nursing scenarios. We utilize two variations on traditional case studies that align with the goals of the CJMM: “choose your own adventure” (where students see the consequences of incorrect choices in real time) and a “day in the life of a nurse” (where students follow multiple patients throughout the course of a 12-hour hospital shift and answer NGN NCLEX-style questions as multiple cases unfold). We have seen increased collaboration and greater student satisfaction with these new variations while preparing our students for NGN NCLEX and the challenges of nursing practice.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.

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