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Debra Serrino

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This presentation will explore the resources available at UNM for health care workers at a time of great change in the health care industry. Both authors have worked and taught hospice and end of life care for nursing students. Hospice has a long history of health care worker support.

Daylong workshops off-sites for the interprofessional hospice team are held yearly or twice a year at some agencies. The hospice team includes doctors, nurses, aides, social worker, volunteers, office workers, and chaplains. Monthly support groups help workers process the feelings associated with bearing witness to suffering and cumulative deaths. These groups are generally moderated by trained therapists. Hospice volunteers and health care workers are well acquainted with burnout and taught to watch for the symptoms and support one another. These support strategies can easily translate to other disciplines and healthcare providers.


This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Day, 2018.



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