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Using Motivational Interview Techniques to Address Vaccine Hesitancy

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COVID-19 has reshaped our society and healthcare in ways that no one expected. Healthcare providers are now more than ever tasked with the daunting responsibility of confronting vaccine hesitancy, fighting misinformation and promoting health in the community. In our study, we educated healthcare providers in vaccine hesitancy, the vaccine hesitancy spectrum, and a motivational-interviewing approach of patient education with a presentation that emphasizes empathy and mutual respect.

Utilizing an anonymous pre- and post-presentation survey, we asked audience members to rate their confidence in talking to patients about the COVID-19 vaccine on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “not at all confident” and 5 being “extremely confident”. We found an average 0.7-point increase in self-assessed confidence level, with an average self-assessed confidence level of 2.9 (N=67) before the presentation and an average self-assessed confidence level of 3.6 (N=37) after the presentation. Additionally, in response to the post-presentation question “Was this presentation helpful” we found an average response of 3.3 with most respondents answering 3 (N=37), indicating that the survey was helpful. Considering the increase in provider confidence and perceived helpfulness of the presentation, further provider training and additional investigation into provider education on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy may be warranted.

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