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In late 2019, just months prior to the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a study was performed at a local hospital across multiple active medical-surgical units. Aimed at observing the current rate of infection control compliance by nurses, handwashing and PPE use observations were performed. The data collected from these observations was analyzed in order to identify deficiencies in current infection control practices. A gap was found regarding infection control practices on live inpatient units and current CDC standards.

Unknowingly, the world was on the precipice of one of the most deadly global pandemics in history. How did the infection control practices change once COVID-19 cases were added to the patient assignment? Were educational opportunities provided to nurses to update their knowledge on changing CDC standards? Have additional observations been performed? How can nurse leaders ensure that appropriate infection control practices are being carried out? This study emphasizes the importance of continuing education and awareness of current CDC standards before, during, and after a global pandemic.



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