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New Twists on an Old Classic: How to Make a Case Study Engaging and Educational

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to reimagine course delivery modalities. The same lectures that may have piqued interest in a live class often landed with a thud when delivered to a sea of black boxes on Zoom. Using a flipped classroom approach, we pre-recorded content lectures and devoted class time to developing clinical reasoning and applying knowledge gleaned from course materials to real-world nursing. While published case studies are a powerful tool in accomplishing these goals, they do not lend themselves to shortened class times and attention spans. For our Health & Illness Concepts III course, we created three variations on case studies: choose your own adventure (where students see the consequences of incorrect choices in real time), segmented case studies (where students can jump in at and participate at various points in the case), reverse case studies (where students build a patient based on a few bits of assessment data or a list of words), and a day in the life of a nurse (where students follow multiple patients throughout the course of a hospital shift and answer NCLEX-style questions as multiple cases unfold). These reimagined case studies have proven successful when offered both in online and live class formats. We have seen increased collaboration, improved grades, and greater student satisfaction with these new variations on an old classic.

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