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Competencies in Informatics, Library, and Evidence Based Practice in Medical Residencies

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Background: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) sets standards known as Milestones and monitors the progress of medical residents as they advance toward medical practice in their specialties. Clinical librarians need to train medical residents in certain competency areas, but until now, no one has assembled these competency statements in one central place.

Objective: This project analyzed the milestones related to informatics, library, and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) skills to identify core and optional curricular elements that can be integrated into different medical specialty residencies.

Methods: Curricular Design. The authors collected key competency documents from ACGME and from those specialties representing 2% or more of the residencies in the US. They compared and contrasted these competencies related to informatics, library, and EBP skills. Most competencies statements were categorized under the fifth broad ACGME competency area of “Practice Based Learning and Improvement.” The authors then used their combined years of experience as a clinical librarian, a graduate medical education associate program director, informaticist, EBP instructor, and curricular designer to define core and optional elements to meet these competencies.

Results: The authors selected Milestones documents from those 18 major medical specialties. The Milestones followed developmental patterns, reflecting residents’ increased sophistication in meeting these competencies as they advanced in their specialties. We designed a curriculum to meet the residents’ learning needs at each progressive Milestone. We will discuss this curriculum at this session.

Conclusion: The major medical specialties include Milestones reflecting the need for residents to become competent in informatics, library, and EBP-related skills. The authors designed a curriculum that progresses alongside the Milestones to assist residents in meeting their competencies.

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