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The COVID-19 pandemic brought about abrupt changes to the PharmD curriculum, including moving all courses online during the second half of Spring 2020. This unprecedented interruption to traditional delivery required rapid response and conversion to Zoom video conferencing for all aspects of the program, including the didactic courses and Aspects of Patient Care lab. Following the spring transition, efforts to more effectively provide online instruction and resources for students became a priority. At the conclusion of the Spring semester, we elicited feedback from course Instructors of Record and current didactic students. Instructor of Record (IOR) feedback was obtained through post-semester debrief. Student feedback was obtained through an anonymous survey. The student survey response rate was 67% (140 of 209 students) with roughly equal representation across each cohort. Based on the feedback obtained, several workgroups convened during the summer and created tools, resources, and trainings focused on improving the online course content delivery. We plan to conduct a student focus group and IOR debrief to determine the effectiveness of the Fall semester modifications. Our presentation will summarize the student and faculty feedback and details of the process to improve curriculum delivery.


This presentation was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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