Project ECHO Cancer Initiative: a Tool to Improve Care and Increase Capacity Along the Continuum of Cancer Care

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Solving health problems requires not only the development of new medical knowledge but also its dissemination, particularly to underserved communities. The barriers to effective dissemination also contribute to the disparities in cancer care experienced most everywhere. This concern is particularly acute in low and middle-income countries which already bear a disproportionate burden of cancer, a situation that is projected to worsen. Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a knowledge dissemination platform that can increase workforce capacity across many fields, including cancer care by scaling best practices. Here we describe how Project ECHO works and illustrate this with existing programs that span the cancer care continuum and the globe. The examples provided combined with the explanation of how to build effective Project ECHO communities provide an accessible guide on how this education strategy can be integrated into existing work to help respond to the challenge of cancer.