HCV management in the incarcerated population: How do we deliver on this important front?

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Purpose of Review

In this review, the peculiarities of infection and treatment of HCV in the prison population are detailed. In addition, the barriers to HCV treatment and possible solutions are highlighted.

Recent Findings

Several previous experiences of HCV treatment in prisons have been successful. In this manuscript, we detail the most relevant.

Summary Wethinkthatincarcerationshouldbeconsideredanopportunitytoengagethispopulationinhealthcare. Therefore, we should encourage systematic screening of these patients and promote the access to treatment by supporting equity with the general population. Thus, inmates’ care must involve a multidisciplinary team. To solve this matter, we propose telehealth to bring together all these services and overcome the geographical barrier(s) and improve costs. Then, to go further in hepatitis C elimination, harm-reduction programs should be added to treat with direct-acting antivirals.