Utility of Dermatology Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) sessions in the adult and paediatric population

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INTRODUCTION: Primary care provider (PCP) competency in dermatology is inadequate despite the high volume of patients with skin conditions. Better education and access to dermatology expertise is vital to improve patient care. We present a comprehensive case-based evaluation of Dermatology Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

METHODS: This is a retrospective cross-sectional study evaluating the use and impact of Dermatology ECHO over a 2-year period. Outcomes assessed include patient demographics, PCPs' diagnostic accuracy, and expert treatment impact. Results were analysed using summary statistics and Pearson's chi-square test to describe the adult and paediatric populations.

RESULTS: One hundred and sixty-seven adult cases and 56 paediatric cases were presented in 2016-2017. Among the 223 cases, 137 adult and 44 paediatric cases were complete and eligible for analysis. The mean lesion duration was 3.3 years in adults and 2.9 years in children prior to presentation. Upon case presentation, almost half (43.8%) of the adult cases were incorrectly diagnosed by their PCP with 18.8% receiving a partially correct diagnosis. PCPs had greater diagnostic accuracy in children (45% correct diagnosis, 27.5% partially correct, 27.5% incorrect). Expert treatment recommendations benefited 83.6% of adult cases and 72.5% of paediatric cases.

DISCUSSION: This study highlights the need for better dermatology access and teaching opportunities among PCPs in Missouri. Dermatology ECHO provides a platform for didactic learning and case presentations to improve dermatology competency among PCPs.