The increasing value of eHealth in the delivery of patient-centred cancer care

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The increasing use of eHealth has ushered in a new era of patient-centred cancer care that moves beyond the traditional in-person care model to real-time, dynamic, and technology-assisted assessments and interventions. eHealth has the potential to better the delivery of cancer care through improved patient–provider communication, enhanced symptom and toxicity assessment and management, and optimised patient engagement across the cancer care continuum. In this Review, we provide a brief, narrative appraisal of the peer reviewed literature over the past 10 years related to the uses of patient-centred eHealth to improve cancer care delivery. These uses include the addressal of symptom management, health-related quality of life, and other patient-reported outcomes across cancer care. In addition, we discuss the challenges of, and opportunities for, accessibility, scalability, and implementation of these technologies, important areas for further development, and future research directions.