Learn Intestinal Failure Tele-ECHO Project: An innovative online telementoring and case-based learning clinic

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Intestinal failure (IF) is a rare chronic disease requiring intravenous (IV) flu-ids or parenteral nutrition (PN) dependency for optimal patient health and sus-tenance. The complex care is best managed by specialized multidisciplinaryteams. Patients who have limited access to intestinal rehabilitation centersoften receive IV/PN care from clinicians lacking specialty expertise. An inno-vative videoconferencing project was launched in May 2019 to provide onlinetelementoring and case-based learning in IF. The Extension for CommunityHealthcare Outcomes (ECHO) model was adopted to provide education and vir-tual support via the Learn Intestinal Failure Tele-ECHO (LIFT-ECHO) project.Online clinics include patient case presentations, moderated discussion, best-practice recommendations, and didactic continuing education lectures on IF-and PN-related topics. Participation is interprofessional and international. Viaknowledge dissemination and specialty mentorship, LIFT-ECHO is expected toimprove healthcare for patients with IF and transform care delivery by overcom-ing the limitations in access to expertise.