HSC Covid 19 Briefings

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NM gets remdesivir. NM case update. Dental services resume. NM prison testing. Educator age risk. Stuart Kauffman dashboard. Long-term care fatalities. Fauci in quarantine. US farmer support. US vaccinations down. South Korea bar shutdown. German rebound lockdown easing. Managing glove skin reactions. Neurosurgery down 70%. Impact airline travel ban. CDC meat packing report. UK distancing impact. 9-day incubation. Low fatality rate estimates. Improving social connection. Social distancing and mask use effective. Parents under stress. Nurse psychological stress. Israel Internal Medicine Tx strategies. Education management. Recommendations are given on endoscopy procedures, management of adrenal insufficiency and of IBD, on re-introduction of cardiovascular services, and respiratory PPE for healthcare workers. Guidelines for medical examiners, coroners, and pathologists. Successful GI department re-opening in China. FDA: serology testing performance. First antigen test approved. FFPE SARS-CoV-2 detection. Triple antiviral therapy effective. Respiratory rehabilitation effective. Targeting inflammatory cascade. Negative HCQ observational study. Chloroquine G6PD risk. Interferon inhibits replication – mouse. Tocilizumab benefit: uncontrolled study. Most trials in HCQ, remdesivir. NKG2A treatment target. In silico antiviral peptides. Chinese medicine review. Cell entry mechanisms. Olfactory viral entry. Higher female immune response. Immune checkpoints. Metagenomic analysis. ¼ hospitalized no risk factors. High RDW mortality. Mortality: vitamin D. Deaths of despair. Optimism and exercise.


Disclaimer: The UNM Global Health COVID-19 Briefing is provided as a public service. Sources include not only peer-reviewed literature, but also preliminary research manuscripts that have not been peer reviewed along with lay news media reports. The peer-review process often results in manuscript improvement, with corrections made for errors and unsubstantiated conclusions being corrected. Furthermore, many headlines and summaries in the briefing are written by student volunteers and others who may lack subject matter expertise in this rapidly evolving field. As such, the headlines and summaries should not be regarded as conclusive. Instead, readers are encouraged to use the briefing to identify areas of interest and then use the embedded links to read and critically evaluate the primary sources.

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