HSC Covid 19 Briefings

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NM cases. Navajo cases. NM remdesivir inaccessible. Infected prison staff. No early prison releases. Unemployment beats working. NM $97M food benefits. UNM $50M revenue loss. Meat packer testing. Fall school reopening planning. Gym/salon reopening plans. 91k absentee ballots. Santa Fe closes polling stations. NM oil/gas pollution oversight. Prisons vulnerable. WH rejects FEMA report. Schools plan reopening. Italian mafia concerns. UK overtakes Italy. Symptom tracker early warning. Ethanol for FFP2 masks. Counterfeit masks. Mask skin damage. Mutant coronavirus more contagious. Hospital contamination zones. Disease prevalence estimation. Successful control measures. Average contagious period. Genetic epidemiology. Managing healthcare resources. Exercise and fitness. Italian disease management Q&A. Practice guidelines on: bronchoscopy, sarcoidosis management, glycemic control, key laboratory tests, ACE/ARB Tx, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery. WHO: test old pneumonia samples. SW NM free testing. Diagnostic assays compared. Corticosteroid benefits. Beekeepers COVID-free? European vaccine US trials. Cytokine storm interventions. Lopinavir-ritonavir second chance. Melatonin potential Tx. 48 clinical trials. Placental infection. Cytokine severity markers. Male lungs worse. Sleep problems. IBD physician survey. Researcher career impact.


Disclaimer: The UNM Global Health COVID-19 Briefing is provided as a public service. Sources include not only peer-reviewed literature, but also preliminary research manuscripts that have not been peer reviewed along with lay news media reports. The peer-review process often results in manuscript improvement, with corrections made for errors and unsubstantiated conclusions being corrected. Furthermore, many headlines and summaries in the briefing are written by student volunteers and others who may lack subject matter expertise in this rapidly evolving field. As such, the headlines and summaries should not be regarded as conclusive. Instead, readers are encouraged to use the briefing to identify areas of interest and then use the embedded links to read and critically evaluate the primary sources.

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