2022 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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Background: Nutrition for the preterm infant following hospital discharge from the NICU varies greatly among institutions, however studies have shown that a high percentage of preterm infants globally have growth values infants, studies have shown that late preterm infants have higher mineral requirements than term infants and nutritional requirements of late preterm infants is also greater than that of term infants. While human milk and breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of life, preterm and late preterm infants are likely to require fortification to promote growth and development after leaving the hospital.

Objective: To anonymously survey pediatric healthcare providers and parents of preterm infants discharged from the NICU regarding their knowledge of formula fortification of preterm infants, which in turn, will provide insight regarding the knowledge base and practice preferences of formula fortification for preterm infants following NICU discharge.

Methods: A QR code was created and linked to an anonymous survey, one for healthcare professionals and one for parents of preterm infants discharged from the NICU. The QR code for healthcare professionals was emailed out and the QR code for parents was distributed on flyers.

Next Steps: Analyze survey results that will help guide the creation of an educational pamphlet to be distributed to health care providers and families regarding formula fortification. Re-administer surveys following distribution of educational materials.



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