2022 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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We are undertaking a QI initiative to improve the discharge process for infants from the NICU at UNMH. We currently have care conferences every 30 days for infants in the NICU, but we historically did not have a care conference dedicated to discharge preparation. In 2021 we instituted discharge care conferences as standard practice for infants admitted for more than 30 days or who otherwise have complex discharge needs. These conferences include a neonatology fellow or attending, at least one of the patient’s parents, and the patient’s bedside nurse. We seek to determine whether such care conferences improve parents’ self-reported readiness for their infants’ discharge. These conferences include discussion of: follow-up appointments, discharge medications, how to fortify formula for a higher kilocalorie content, home oxygen, and any plans for the parents to room in overnight with the patient. Data is collected via a questionnaire that is filled out by patients’ parents or guardians before and after the care conferences. The questionnaire is accessible to participants via a QR code which leads participants to an online questionnaire using RedCap. The questionnaire asks questions regarding the parents’ sense of preparation for discharge. A second, separate questionnaire (also accessible via RedCap) completed by the patient’s bedside nurse before and after the conference. Data is collected on each questionnaire in the form of a Likert scale. Data will be used to obtain aggregate data and is not traceable to any individual. Data collection has recently begun with several respondents at the time of this writing. Once an adequate number of surveys have been collected, data analysis will begin.



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