2022 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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Background: Continuing education is imperative for all medical providers particularly those who deliver care to specialized populations such as transport of critically ill pediatric patients. Currently at the University of New Mexico, there is no designated pediatric transport team in which members have specialized training. The combination of a primarily rural state with a large catchment area and limited resources presents a need to reinforce pediatric specific concepts. Methods: A didactic curriculum with 12 topics relevant to the transport of critically ill pediatric patients was designed. The target audience included members of our hospital-based medical transport team. Prior to implementation, members completed a survey on perceived comfort levels on 21 topics and a pre-assessment to evaluate current knowledge levels. The curriculum was delivered monthly via an online video lecture format. A post-assessment to evaluate knowledge retention was administered upon curriculum completion. Results: Thirty-six team members were surveyed during the spring of 2021. Only 24% report having prior experience in a pediatric intensive care unit or pediatric emergency department setting. Topics with the most perceived discomfort included management of pediatric intracranial hypertension (50%) and management of pediatric stroke (64%). The pre-curriculum assessment response rate was 66.7% (n=24) and the mean score was 73% (n=24). The online curriculum is ongoing and will conclude in May 2022. The post-assessment results and conclusions on knowledge retention are pending. Conclusions: The majority of our transport team members lack prior clinical experience in pediatric subspecialties. Due to the low volume of pediatric transports, there is increased need for continuing education on pediatric-specific topics. The pre-curriculum assessment identified areas of potential weakness, however, the members performed well overall on the knowledge assessment. A standardized education curriculum for a non-pediatric specific transport team may lead to improved comfort levels and overall care of critically ill pediatric patients during medical transport.



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