2020 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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By the end of residency, pediatric residents are expected to be competent in 13 clinical procedures (bag mask ventilation, neonatal endotracheal intubation, umbilical catheter placement, lumbar puncture, simple laceration repair, incision and drainage of abscess, reduction of simple dislocation, temporary splinting of fractures, giving immunizations, bladder catheterization, peripheral intravenous catheter placement, removal of foreign body, and venipuncture). These procedural skills were initially identified as essential for practice in the general pediatric setting. However, procedures performed vary based on location, patient population, practice type, tertiary care support, etc. There are few studies available that evaluate the procedural skills used in clinical pediatric practice today, and no studies have evaluated the procedural skills of pediatricians who practice in a primarily rural/frontier state, such as New Mexico.

To better equip the future pediatricians of New Mexico, we need to understand the current procedural skill practices of pediatricians in New Mexico.


A structured questionnaire was developed, focusing on the 13 ACGME required procedural skills, the frequency in which the skills are performed, and importance of those skills to the pediatrician. Additional demographic information was asked in regards to practice experience, practice type, location, and community served to better differentiate between rural/frontier versus urban pediatric practices. Surveyed general pediatricians were given the opportunity for free response text in regards to additional pediatric education recommendations and the option to participate in further communication.

The survey was sent to general pediatricians in New Mexico, distributed via New Mexico Pediatric Society e-mail list serve. Data was entered into REDCap.

A descriptive analysis of the survey responses will be conducted.

Anticipated Results:

We hope to identify the frequency practiced and perceived importance of the 13 ACGME required procedural skills to pediatricians practicing in New Mexico. We also hope to compare the procedural skills commonly used by pediatricians who practice in rural vs urban areas.

Next Steps:

Descriptive analysis of data


Presented at the Annual Pediatric Research Forum Poster session. Contact Crystal P Chow cchow@salud.unm.edu for questions.

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