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Statement of Problem: The academic hospitalist section at UNM expanded by nearly 50% over just 12 months and was intimately involved with major changes in the residency ward structure. Section members repeatedly cited the need for improved communication about administrative and educational matters. Innovation Objectives: To provide a readily available interactive website for use by our hospitalist section to communicate about administrative and educational matters. Program Description: We established an interactive website for use by our hospitalist section through a commercial internet service. Section members were invited to register, and were allowed to contribute comments, edit existing pages, add pages, upload files, and provide links to other websites. Viewing rights to the website were unrestricted. The initial website was begun with 6 pages. Findings to Date: In the first month, 16/17 of our hospitalists and 2/3 of our mid-level providers registered and subsequently make contributions to the website. In the first 90 days, 85 new pages were created and 132 files were uploaded to create a website of 120 MB. Of the first 91 pages, 47 dealt with administrative issues (such as schedules, committee meetings, minutes, credentialing, billing and coding); 27 involved specific information about the residency and new ward structure; 14 specifically addressed educational topics; and 4 addressed faculty development and research efforts. At the end of one year, 289 pages and 330 files were added, creating a website of 627 MB. Lectures by hospitalist are now recorded and uploaded to the site. The website is now frequently viewed by residents and medical students who cite the value of the educational pages and pages that deal with residency issues. 80% of surveyed hospitalists found the site to be helpful or very helpful. To date the size of the website has not exceeded the initial free service, and the Section has incurred no direct cost related to this project. Key Lessons Learned: Establishment of an interactive website resulted in contributions by almost all hospitalists in our Section, has improved communication, and proved to be of value to medical students and residents with regard to education


Presented at Society of Hospital Medicine, 05/13/2011, Dallas, TX. J Hosp Med 2011;6(Suppl 2):S129.