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Frank A. Hubbell was successful during his lifetime, both as an independent livestock grower and as a force in New Mexican political life from 1888 until 1929. Hubbell did not leave a permanent written record, a fact which has made the names of Miguel A. Otero, Holm O. Bursum, Thomas Benton Catron, W. H. Andrews and Harvey B. Fergusson better known. However, he was in many respects their equal in influence and in the achievement of political results. Hubbell was the product of both the Spanish and Anglo-American cultures and was thus able to combine the character of a rural patron with that of a modern political figure in a sphere which was becoming increasingly the property of wealthy Anglo immigrants. As an example of an adroit and talented political leader in an era of emerging politics in which both compromise and bitter conflict played important roles, Frank Hubbell deserves a permanent place in New Mexican history.

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