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Spring 5-17-1951


For some years following the death of Saint William the cult flourished and many people came to the tomb of the boy saint to worship and seek miraculous help. It is the aim of this study to follow the diffusion of the story and its impression on those who it reached. We will plot the geographical range of the cult for the twenty-eight years covered by the chronicle. We will also consider other historical evidence of the story having reached localities not mentioned in the narrative. We will suggest ways that the information may have been carried. Besides following the travels of the legend we shall not which classes of the people that came seeking miraculous help from the saint seem to have been most impressed by the story. Finally, we shall survey the miracles performed , noting the kinds of diseases cured and the nature of other miraculous happenings and visions. From this study we hope to gain insight into the minds of the people and conditions of twelfth century England.

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Josiah Cox Russell

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John Edward Longhurst

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Marion Dargan




England, Saint William of Norwich, Social Classes

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