Interdisciplinary Symposia on Latin America

Disciplining and Reinscribing the Body


Disciplining and Reinscribing the Body


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This panel examines the limits of the imperial project to colonize indigenous and female bodies and to make them perform European values and to exalt imperial centrality. When European ecclesiastics sought to control the sexuality of the Empire’s new subjects they imposed the ideological equation of sex with sin. Scholars have overemphasized the Church’s success. As the Church sought to bolster its authority among the colonial populace by promoting piety, some women took up modes of Imitatio Christi that paradoxically threatened Catholic orthodoxy. This panel explores the meanings that imperial subjects gave to their sexual practices and ritual presentation of bodies, how the former resisted European control, and how subjectivity within the colonial sphere was constructed, controlled, and countered.


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"Authority and Identity in Colonial Ibero-America" is a two-day, interdisciplinary symposium which brings to UNM eight prominent colonial scholars from History, Art History, and Literary and Cultural Studies for an interdisciplinary dialogue.

The symposium is made possible by Dr. Richard E. Greenleaf's generous endowment to the LAII and the LAII's US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant.

Disciplining and Reinscribing the Body