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In May 2008 the Faculty requested a comprehensive review of the change in upper administration expenditures at UNM. The principle objective of this report is to provide salaries and budgets of administration beginning with fiscal year 2003 in a meaningful way, including calculations of percentage increases, funding sources for those positions, and comparisons to similar costs at other colleges and universities. This review also provides information on UNMs budgets and expenditures to present a holistic view of administration and its impact on UNM.


The University of New Mexico


The University of New Mexico

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UpperAdministrationCostsA.xls (87 kB)
Source of Funding for Positions Within Divisions

UpperAdministrationCostsB1.doc (37 kB)
Peer Institutions

UpperAdministrationCostsB2.doc (39 kB)
IPEDS Survey Categories

UpperAdministrationCostsB3.xls (733 kB)
Regional Peers

UpperAdministrationCostsB4.xls (17 kB)
Reconciliation of Original IPEDs to Adjusted Numbers

UpperAdministrationCostsC.xls (24 kB)
Bond Issue Costs

UpperAdministrationCostsD.doc (38 kB)
Building Renewal and Replacement

UpperAdministrationCostsE.doc (335 kB)
UNM Consolidated Revenues

UpperAdministrationCostsF.doc (160 kB)
Response to Upper Administration Growth Resolution

UpperAdministrationCostsG1.pdf (18 kB)
UNM Organizational Chart

UpperAdministrationCostsG2.pdf (22 kB)
UNM Academic Affairs & Provost Organizational Chart

UpperAdministrationCostsG3.pdf (21 kB)
UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC) Organizational Chart