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Attached is a packet of proposed revised Regents policies pertaining to the HSC Governance reorganization proposal. After careful review, the Policy Office concluded that the earlier format of proposed revisions to Regent Policy 2.13 (which was originally presented to the Regents on November 16, 2010 and integrated a range of policy modifications into a single and very lengthy policy), was confusing and administratively burdensome. Therefore, the previously circulated Regent Policy 2.13 has been replaced by four separate proposed Regent policies, RPM\xa7\xa7 3.4 through 3.7. The general structure of the Health Sciences Center, as well as the role of the new Chancellor for Health Sciences, is now addressed in proposed Regent Policy 3.4. The UNM Health Sciences Board of Directors, the new governance body for the Health Sciences Center and the "UNM Health System," is created through proposed Regent Policy 3.5. The UNM Hospital Board of Trustees is now addressed in proposed Regent Policy 3.6. Proposed Regent Policy 3.7 delineates the University\'s Institutional Compliance Program. We have included a track changes version of the draft Regent Policy 2.13 sent to the Regents on November 16th for your convenience.


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The University of New Mexico

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