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Spring 4-11-2022


This project demonstrates how Horace uses rhetoric in his poetics in order to advocate for moderation. The first chapter focuses on the rhetorical strategies of the Satires, in which Horace uses a poetic persona with an ambiguous social status and that acts as a bad exemplum of the morals he advocates for. The chapter also explores Horace’s use of a motif where something that appears quantifiably larger is, in fact, either of equal or lesser worth, which also appeals to issues of class. The second chapter turns to Horace’s use of rhetoric in the Odes. In the Odes, Horace focuses his attention on the quickness of time and impending death to discourage his audience from expecting too much of the future or engaging in activities that are inappropriate for their age. Horace offers this message to several different addressees throughout the Odes, which further broadens the scope and universality of his powerful message.


rhetoric, Horace, poetics, moderation, persona

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Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

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Osman Umurhan

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