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Spring 4-15-2018


Following Jean-Louis Baudry’s incorporation of Plato’s cave allegory into the analysis of cinematic apparatus, my approach engages in a philological analysis of the films to show that various film languages embody the potential to compel the audience into thought reflection about transcultural, transhistorical philosophical issues. Through a close reading of two filmic texts by Edward Yang, Yi Yi (2000) and Terrorizers (1986), I will argue that certain overlooked Asian films, especially in the field of film philosophy, not only serve as artistic sites for intercultural, political and social examinations but also present thoughtful and dialectical engagement with philosophical and metaphysical difficulties – reflections about urban alienation, existential angst, the search for self-knowledge and self-awareness, etc.


Edward Yang, Plato's Cave, Taiwanese Cinema, Film Philosophy, Film Language

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Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

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Katrin Schröter

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Pamela Cheek

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