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Spring 5-16-1963


The area of study lies in southeastern Chaves County, New Mexico, and is a part of the northwest shelf or backreef province of the Permian Basin. The area encompasses all or parts of Tps. 10 through 15 S., Rs. 24 through 31 E.

The Queen and Grayburg formations comprise the lower part of the Artesia group, an upper Guadalupian sequence of Permian shelf rocks above the San Andres formation and below the Ochoan series. The Queen-Grayburg sequence has an average thickness of about 600 feet and is correlative with the Goat Seep reef at the margin of the Delaware Basin, and with the Cherry Canyon formation in the basin.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Sherman Alexander Wengerd

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Stuart Alvord Northrop

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Roger Yates Anderson

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Roswell Geological Society




Queen Formation, Grayburg Formation, Chaves County, New Mexico

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mcswain_fig5.tif (212405 kB)
Structure Contour Map, top of Queen Formation

mcswain_fig6.tif (214249 kB)
Structure Contour Map, top of San Andres Formation

mcswain_fig7.tif (211251 kB)
Isopachous Map of Queen-Grayburg Sequence

mcswain_fig8.tif (14670 kB)
Lithologic-Stratigraphic Cross Section, Queen and Grayburg Formations

mcswain_fig9.tif (17083 kB)
Lithologic-Stratigraphic Cross-Section, Queen and Grayburg Formations

mcswain_fig10.tif (16771 kB)
Lithologic-Stratigraphic Cross-Section, Queen and Grayburg Formations