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Spring 5-16-1961


The transitional character of the middle Permian (Leonardian and Guadalupian) Yeso Formation, Glorieta sandstone, and San Andres formation in central New Mexico has been recognized in several reports (Needham and Bates, 1943; Wilpolt, et. al., 1946; Wilpolt and Wanek, 1951; and Boyd, 1958). Interpretation of the depositional history and environment of this sequence has been restricted to generalizations based on field observation.

A detailed petrographic study of the Yeso-Glorieta-San Andres transition at a single locality was undertaken in an attempt to gain better understanding of this stratigraphic interval.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Roger Yates Anderson

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J. Paul Fitzsimmons

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Wolfgang Eugene Elston

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New Mexico Geological Society



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