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In "Toward a Theory of Minority Discourses,"(1990), Abdul R. JanMohammed and David Lloyd address the complex question of the economy of the author-function as it affects minority writers in multicultural America today. Certainly there are faults in their narrative articulations as there are bound to be in any theory that moves towards a comprehensive grasp of its topic. But there is also much to praise in this work and even more than ten years later we can still learn a lot from it if we can put into practice many of the theoretical protocols they put into narrative. The aim they take on Western humanism and its values of self-interest is especially sharp. Most refreshing is their refusal to see minority discourses, and the subject position in particular, as simply a matter of the affirmation of essence. Their struggle for a theory of minority discourse calls for a dialectical exploration of the subject position minority writers occupy and that preoccupies them today.

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