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Billions of animals are killed every year based on this ethical premise: Animals are lower than humans on some abstract moral scale, and they can therefore be considered property. However, a growing percentage of compassionate and educated animal lovers and advocates reject that premise. Its now possible to live comfortably and happily without subjecting animals to fear, pain, and stress for non-essential products. Whether it be food, clothing, scientific experiment, or entertainment, alternatives now exist to take their place. A broad range of investigative journalism and scholarship have exposed the detrimental effects of the use of animals for industry. An increasingly large number of compassionate, attentive people are beginning to understand that animals, too, deserve to their life as they choose, and many of us are determined to spread the word. Animal People tells the stories of individuals who are engaging in advocacy in new ways and building a better future for animals and humans alike. Though their fields of interest and expertise may be very different — they have backgrounds in science, social media, animal husbandry, and philosophy— their stories illuminate the progress we're making in thinking about animals and interacting with them in a more positive, less-exploitative manner.'

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MFA Creative Writing

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Mueller, Dan

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Benz, Steve

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Putnam, Walter




Animal Welfare, Vegan, Activism

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