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Fall 8-27-2020


This collection of poetry explores themes of time, memory, and identity through a lens crafted after a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Novel. Drawing on the author’s personal experiences and history, this collection confronts the reader with the historical implications of their own choices through a structure that compels multiple readings, leading to new discoveries of the interior experience of choice. A pair of choices located at the end of each poem confront the reader with an opportunity to complete the poem as best suits them. Each successive re-reading will result in new iterations of the book’s structure, though the odds of any two readings being identical are vanishingly small. By successively re-reading and re-engaging with the contents of this book, the reader is given the opportunity to re-create a history and by so doing, re-create their own.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Lisa Chavez

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Stephen Benz

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Marisa Clark

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Juan Morales



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Available for download on Sunday, December 31, 2119