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The purpose of this study was to determine the Indian or Spanish-American bilingual child's proficiency in the comprehension of antonyms of the English language. The method employed was (1) to devise a test which will give the child an opportunity to indicate his use of antonyms and his ability to recognize common pairs of opposites. These test items are arranged in an order of increasing difficultly, but are kept well within the range of fourth grade reading ability; (2) to direct the administration of this antonym test to a selected sample of fourth grade Anglo children in the Albuquerque Public Schools as a means of procuring norms for comparison; (3) to compare the performance of each of the experimental groups to the Comparative group; (4) to compare the performance of the ethnic groups within the experimental group; (5) to formulate recommendations for the teaching of reading to bilingual children at the elementary level, based on their performance.

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