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Spring 5-16-1950


The success of a democracy is conditioned by, if not, dependent upon, the success of education in that democracy. If a democracy is to be successful its members must be qualified by education to assume intelligently their duties and right in a democratic society. Because of this qualification every member of that society must be provided the opportunity for an education which will fit him for membership in a democracy. Unfortunately, merely providing the opportunity for education does not assure that all will take advantage of such opportunity.

Society has assumed a direct, positive relationship between school attendance and the attainment of this qualification for citizenship. Because of this, society has adopted means to secure regular school attendance by all children for a minimum period of time. The means universally adopted has been legislation enacted by each state requiring that all children within a specified age range attend school regularly all or part of the term that school is in session.

It is the purpose of this study to (1) review the historical development of compulsory attendance legislation in New Mexico; (2) to find out the types of persons engaged in attendance work in the municipal schools of New Mexico; and (3) to ascertain the procedures and policies followed by these schools in the enforcement of attendance.


New Mexico Public Schools, Legal Provisions, Attendance Enforcement

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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