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In the current era of standards-based reforms and a new accountability movement research has credited data driven decision making as key to successful schools. Teachers and principals' ability to use data can improve student achievement and move schools forward. This dissertation explores teacher's and principal's perceptions of the successful use of New Mexico Standards Based Assessment student achievement data as it relates to four themes: professional development, collaboration, school and district systems, and leadership. Elementary school teachers and principals were surveyed on what facilitated or posed potential barriers to effectively using the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment data. The survey results were compared with teacher classroom and school-wide performance using two years of student New Mexico Standards Based Assessment data linked to individual teachers that determined students' academic growth. Additional qualitative data was gained through interviews of four teachers and two principals who were on the extreme ends of growth scores. Regardless of teachers' classroom growth scores, all teachers face similar barriers in accessing and using data to improve instruction. The study finds that a principal who is supportive and encouraging influences if a teacher will utilize data.'


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