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Spring 4-9-2020


This dissertation is a historical case study that focused on the founding and continuation of the GSSch to define the term, academic resilience and to determine how the GSSch had impacted academic resilience. I examined qualitative data from interviews alongside research published during the founding (i.e. mid-1970s) and continuation (i.e. 1975-2020) of the GSSch. I used the research to examine how the actions of the leadership fit within the social and political climates of their time. This dissertation has gone above and beyond expectations by not only defining the term, academic resilience but also by providing authentic examples of both a resilient academic institution, and a resilient academic leader. My findings and analysis will assist future researchers by providing focus areas when exploring change as well as exploring the legitimacy of an academic leader’s ability and/or institution’s ability to plan for and respond to a potentially harmful provocation.


resilience, German Studies, German summer school, total immersion

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Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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