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It is the purpose of this study to (1) determine the extent to which student publications are current in New Mexico; (2) to determine the frequency of the kinds of publications used; (3) to find the mechanical methods of publications used; (4) to reveal the general organization and management of the publications, such as: (a) to find who sponsors the publications and how the sponsors are selected; (b) to find the systems used in selecting student representatives, or staffs; (c) to find the number of staffs of publications; and (d) to show the relation of the principal and superintendent to the publications; (5) to show the methods of financing the publications; (6) to obtain estimates on the total cost of the various publications; (7) to determine the ways in which the finances are controlled and systems of accounting for the finances; (8) to find the school subjects which are correlated with student publications; and (9) to find the administrative problems superintendents and principals have in connection with student publications.

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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