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Statement of the problem. The history of the public schools of New Mexico like those of the nation can, to an extent, be traced through the opinions offered by the attorneys-general. A total of 710 opinions have been written concerning the public schools and education since the first report of the attorney-general in 1898. No segmentation and study of only those opinions directly affecting the schools and education has ever been made, those opinions omitted being repetitive of questions already discussed.

It is the purpose of this study (1) to review all the opinions offered by the attorneys-general which have a direct relation to the public common schools of the state;(2) to note all opinions which have been later tested in the courts and the number sustained or denied by the court; (3) to discover the type of legal question concerning the schools of the state on which he is most frequently asked for an opinion; (4) to note whether the question on which the opinion is requested is one of statutory law or common law; and (5) to point out those opinions which have had a very definite influence in the later development of our public school system.

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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