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Summer 8-1-1952


An recent years, Negro patrons in several Arkansas school districts have appealed to the courts in efforts to get better educational facilities for their children, and the courts have ordered a substantially equal expenditure for the two races. Other suits of similar intent are now pending and still others are threatened.

From the foregoing it is apparent (1) that inequalities in educational facilities are not new in Arkansas and that the policies of the local school boards must be responsible; and (2) that the problem is centered in the local districts having mixed populations and that the disparity must be measured at the district level. It it the purpose of this problem to determine, within the limits to be set forth, the cost of complying with the courts' orders if applied to the entire state.


Segregation, African American Education, Arkansas Public Schools, Robert v. City of Boston, Brown v. Ramsey

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Educational Leadership

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Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy

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